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Who we are...

Meet Us: About
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Hello from Anna

My name is Anna, and I am honoured to have been a midwife for over a decade now. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to nurture and care for humans, animals and wildlife and I followed my dream by qualifying as a registered nurse in the millennium. After some wonderful years in nursing, my heart began aching for a career in midwifery, so I was overjoyed when, in 2008, I became a qualified midwife. I began practising within a busy teaching hospital, caring for women in labour, birth and for the early part of their parenting journey. 

After birthing two beautiful babies myself, I joined a homebirth team and became more passionate than ever about helping to inform women and couples about their birthplace choices and their options for an active birth.

As a practising midwife, I feel joy and privilege every day I go to work and I'm passionate about teaching women and couples about their labour, birth and parenting choices. The classes we have developed are truly reflective of the reality of pregnancy, labour and birth today whether at home, in a birthing centre or hospital environment. 

We are passionate about preparing you for all modes of birth and for interventions that may be offered during pregnancy, labour and birth, helping you to adapt to changing plans if needed and to have a positive birth experience regardless of the mode of birth. I know how vital this preparation is to help you to recover both physically and emotionally as a result of both my personal experience but also from my professional experience of having cared for hundreds of women and their families over the last decade.

I have met some extraordinary women, partners, midwives, support workers and obstetricians on my journey so far. My private classes are done in addition to my NHS hours and they are continually evolving and updating to ensure you receive the information you need and deserve to help you to make the best informed choices for you and your baby. It would be my absolute pleasure to meet you and to help prepare you for your labour, birth and early parenting journey.

Meet Us: About Us

Hello from Becky

Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife

My name is Becky. Like Anna, I have had the privilege of being a midwife for well over a decade.

I now specialise in the provision of Infant Feeding education and support. My work enables me to pursue my passion for supporting new families to achieve their individual breast and bottle feeding goals. I have 2 beautiful children, a 6 year old boy and an 11 month old girl. My personal feeding experiences and challenges have equipped me with one of the most important tools for supporting new mothers: empathy! I have first hand experience of both the heartbreak of unmet feeding expectations and the joy of achieving my personal feeding goals. Using sensitive support and information sharing, it is my aim and my pleasure to assist as many families as possible to have joyful and fulfilling feeding experiences.

Meet Us: About Us
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Hello from Rachel

Infant Feeding and Lactation Specialist

My name is Rachel and I am delighted to be joining Simply Birth alongside Anna and Becky. I qualified as a midwife in 2013 and spent many years rotating around different areas within the hospital and community before finding my passion for low risk birth and homebirth. I had my daughter in 2019 in the pool, and after ticking off the long list of breastfeeding challenges one by one, I felt empowered to make changes to how women are supported with their feeding choices. I spent time working as an Infant Feeding Specialist and have qualified as a tongue-tie practitioner and IBCLC/Lactation Consultant in 2023. This is an accreditation I am incredibly proud of! I am passionate that mothers and babies get the infant feeding support they deserve and I love being able to empower women and families to make decisions they feel is right for them and their baby.

Meet Us: Welcome
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