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The Complete Antenatal Course


Class One :​

We discuss Birthplace choice, Signs of Labour, Stages of Labour, Hormones that drive Labour, Perineal massage, Vaginal birth of your baby in water or on land, Birth of your placenta and Induction of labour. 

Meet an experienced obstetrician in this session to chat through assisted birth such as forcep, suction cup and cesarean section.  

**Setting up of a What's App group to keep you connected to other couples in your group and for us to share helpful links**

Class Two:

Breathing and massage techniques for labour, aromatherapy oils, all other forms of pain relief including position changes and the important role of an active birth partner

Class Three

Your post birth recovery, the importance of a 'baby moon', cares of your newborn baby with baby dressing and nappy changing demonstrations.

Class Four

Colostrum harvesting, hand expressing, breast feeding, formula feeding, mixed

feeding, sterilisation and winding of your baby all delivered by Midwife Becky, an Infant feeding expert.

** Course boxes handed out with a date given for our reunion **

Course Cost - £225 with a £50 deposit required upon booking and the remainder due two weeks prior to the class start date. 


Classes: Welcome

Refresher Class

Designed for women and couples that have birthed previously.

Did your first or subsequent birth experience not go to plan?

Do you feel anxious or uncertain about your impending birth due to this?

Has it been several years since your last baby or are you in a new relationship?

Is time restricted for you?

Are you looking for a shorter birth preparation course?

Whatever your reasons, a recap of labour, birth and your birth place choices can be highly beneficial to help you physically and emotionally prepare to embrace labour without fearing it.

Our single session, 3 hour refresher class is held monthly with an opportunity to book onto the 2 hour Infant Feeding course at a discounted rate.

The live and interactive class includes

  • Discussions around birth places options, all modes of birth and position changes for labour and birth

  • Pain relief options

  • Massage and breathing techniques

  • Birth partner support

  • A recap of your newborn's needs and your postnatal recovery

  • Literature given during the classes including our antenatal box.

  • The opportunity to submit questions that you would like the answers to through our Simply Birth Jam Board

  • The opportunity to join our What's App refresher group to chat with other couples who have attended the Simply Birth class.

Classes: About Us
Laid back feeding.jpg

Infant Feeding Class

Classes: Classes

Infant Feeding Class (2 hours, inclusive of a 10-15 minute break)

This class is aimed at expectant parents who do not wish to attend our full birth and parenthood preparation course but who would like additional information to enable them to make an informed decision about how to feed their baby. 

  • Understanding your new born baby’s behaviour during the ‘fourth trimester’

  • Responsive breastfeeding and bottle feeding​

  • An overview of eco-friendly and reusable mother and baby products

£45 per class (face-to-face)

*Prices reduced to £35 for online (Zoom) class


One to one antenatal

Private one to one antenatal classes as well as birth planning sessions available. These are available either via Zoom or in the comfort of your own home.
Get in touch to request more information.

Classes: About

Our complimentary Antenatal class boxes ..

We love making these boxes!! Filled with quality literature and carefully chosen products to help nurture your soul and body in pregnancy and labour. We are proud that the contents of our boxes are eco friendly and echo themes of sustainability. We especially love our homemade gifts that we have sourced from local small businesses.

**The contents of the boxes may differ each month ** 

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The Venue Leeds

North Studio
Roman Terrace (just off street Lane)  Roundhay Leeds

Our face-to-face antenatal classes are held at the beautiful and relaxing North Studio. Free available parking in front or to the side of the studio with an electrical car charger point available.

North Studio.jpg
Classes: About

Our new Venue to come this Spring 2023 ..

Crimple - Carr Leeds Rd, Panna, Harrogate 

Classes: Quote
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