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Why Vitamin D supplements are of higher importance in pregnancy ..

As we creep closer towards the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the daylight hours reduce and so does our exposure to the sun ☀

When the sun kisses our skin - our bodies have an extraordinary ability to create Vitamin D. The sun is our very main and natural source of this precious vitamin. Its benefits are vast and if you are currently pregnant, you will have had conversations with your midwife about its importance.

A reminder of that guidance and the benefits of this vitamin in your pregnancy and breast-feeding journey:

☀ Vitamin D can help strengthen our immune system and help us to fight viruses over the Autumn and Winter months especially.

☀ Vitamin D helps to strengthen ours, as well as our growing baby’s, bones, muscles and teeth, and for your baby, their vital organs also whilst in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

☀ Increasing evidence suggests that a Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression-like symptoms.

☀ Advice for all pregnant women is to take 10mcg of Vitamin D daily, either in a pregnancy supplement or as a separate Vitamin D only tablet.

☀ If medically advised, you can take higher strength Vitamin D in pregnancy. - if you are known to be deficient, ask your midwife or GP to check your levels and the dose can be increased safely.

☀ Try to still expose your arms, face and upper chest to 15 mins of natural sunlight per day across the Autumn and Winter months if you can.

☀ Enjoy outdoor time, especially on dry and sunny days.

☀ Try to include foods into your diet that naturally contain Vitamin D such as eggs, fish, red meat and fortified cereals 🥚🐠🥩🌾

☀ Remember to keep taking daily Vitamin D throughout your breast-feeding journey.

☀ Remind all friends and family about the benefits of Vitamin D throughout our Autumn and Winter months 🍁🌙

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